2013… Around the table

Even though I miss the dinners with friends in Edinburgh, Oxford has welcomed me with friendship, a change of perspective, new prospects and many culinary adventures.

Some of the best homemade dishes in 2013:

Pavlova, Marshall’s family recipe. After an authentic Korean dinner prepared by Marshall and Sun Young. British sinologists are for real. 喝茶的時候Marshall又端出一套梅花骨瓷杯,杯子是教他甜品方子的曾祖母留下的。Pavlova乃澳洲甜品,Marshall家是蘇格蘭人,杯子是日本的——曾祖母曾經在澳洲認識了她的日籍先生,二戰的時候陪他一起蹲獄,杯子是他們出獄後的紀念,梅花香自苦寒來。因爲知道這位曾孫學習歷史並熱愛東方文化,就將故事和杯子都給了他。20140103-155122.jpg20140103-155135.jpg20140103-155107.jpg

Vegetarian bake with tomato and courgette, by newly converted vegetarian/ medical historian Yun Ju20140103-154939.jpg

Sichuan Hotpot at home, by a rising literary scholar, a taste of 1920s romance… 除了讓人回味的麻辣香鍋之外,還有她對歷史文學的理論洞見和親切爲人。朋友之間能心平氣和的討論不同的觀點,最難的。20140103-155252.jpg

A housewarming gift that was just perfect:20140103-154841.jpg

Full English breakfast with friends like a family, during our trip to Wales:20140103-154826.jpg

Homemade gingerbread jamie. My friend L was at an academic meeting, an occassion of which cakes and cookies were brought to delight. At the end they weren’t so into desserts but L knows that i’m a sweetooth… so they delighted my rainy afternoon:20140103-154853.jpg

Slow-cooked pork belly, celery with peanut butter and bakewell tart, those were the good times of our writing discussion. And these dinners and teas warmed up this house for us:20140103-154913.jpg

Pan fried black pepper chicken breast, with celery and pomegranate salad in a honey-mustard sauce. As gorgeous as the spiced warm whiskey made by a cool hostess who is also an expert of horror films:20140103-154930.jpg20140105-163124.jpg

A Cantonese dinner isn’t complete without soup, and for several but not one time our guests brought various Cantonese soup carefully boiled with love and medical cosmology… 雞腳淮山螺片湯,鮮甜到整鍋不剩。20140103-155034.jpg


My invention: fish curry in coconut cream:20140103-155056.jpg






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