“Historical Narratives” in a historical town


“important” names over centuries painted on the wall of the Great Hall, Winchester
溫徹斯特古城會堂一面墻上繪滿本城名人, 多是領主/主教 — 誰來決定身後聲名?


prison turned into “inspirational sofas and interiors” 曾經的監獄成家具店


the house next to Winchester College, the oldest college in the Uk that is still running, where Jane Austen spent her last days 簡奧斯丁在這裡接受醫治, 最終去世在此, 埋葬在溫徹斯特大教堂墓地


the display of Victorian childhood education


llama drama 尖叫的羊駝


Kyoto, a Japanese restaurant named after a historical capital city of Japan, situated in Winchester, a historical capical city of Wessex, the old Anglo Saxon kingdom


the Great Hall and King Arthur’s (5-6th century) Round Table, completed centuries later after King Arthur’s time, with a Tudor rose in the middle (1485 – 1603), and a monarch’s face resembling Henry VIII (1491 – 1547) 會堂裏的圓桌是晚亞瑟王好幾世紀才造的, 中間有都鐸王朝的玫瑰標誌(-.-||), 最諷刺的是亞瑟王繪了亨利八世的臉 (實在是很自戀的國王)…


Roman remains 羅馬遺址就…. 都在這裡了…

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